The Worthington Cup At Elyria Country Club

August 16th and 17th, 2017
Elyria, Ohio

Entry Deadline Monday, August 14th, 11:59 P.M.

Players will be asked to fill out a player contact form, golf cart agreement (required for riding events) and tax documents at their first event. Players may click the link below, fill out the documents and bring them to their first event to save 10 minutes.

Contact Form | Golf Cart Agreement | Tax Documentation 


Current Field

Tim Crouch Tyler Light Raphael Denais (A)
Austin Nowak Michael Balcar Nick Paxos
Tyler McHugh John Powers Nathan Yankovich
Mike Murray Ben Cook David Tepe
Logan Lagodich Patrick Luth Mike Mattas (A)
Kurtis Luedtke David Kalpak Sean Busch
Joo Young Lee (A)  Ted Smith
8:00 John Powers Tyler McHugh Ted Smith
8:10 Logan Lagodich Ben Cook
8:20 David Tepe Mike Balcar Joo Young Lee
8:30 Patrick Luth Sean Busch Tim Crouch
8:40 Nathan Yankovich Mike Murray
8:50 Kurtis Luedtke Nick Paxos Mike Mattas
9:00 Raphael Denais David Kalpak Tyler Light
8:00 Ted Smith Mike Mattas
8:10 David Kalpak Raphael Denais
8:20 John Powers Patrick Luth Logan Lagodich
8:30 David Tepe Sean Busch Tim Crouch
8:40 Nathan Yankovich Tyler McHugh Joo Young-Lee
8:50 Ben Cook Mike Murray Michael Balcar
9:00 Kurtis Luedtke Nick Paxos Tyler Light